Top 10 Useful Websites for Students to Try in 2022

Top 10 Useful Websites for Students to Try in 2022

There are several useful websites for students to choose from. Each has its benefits and drawbacks.

We will try to give a basic outline of some of the most popular ones and how to use them.


Top 10 Useful Websites for Students

Important bits to keep in your mind:

  • Many rebates take a few weeks to clear, some take longer, to avoid paying out on items that are returned.
  • Most stores have exclusions – always read those if you’re depending on your rebate.
  • Most stores don’t offer cashback on gift card purchases, but some cashback sites have a list of those that do.
  • Read the terms for every program! I’m only sharing the highlights and terms may change.
  • Only use coupon codes approved by the cashback site or you may not get your rebate!

Note: It’s usually best to stick to just a couple of your favorites for most purchases since most have a level you have to reach before they’ll give you your refunds.


#1.) FASPE

Yes, feel free to bookmark our site[] as we also provide the latest information on EDU software, promotions, deals, free answers, etc… We at Faspe was once a certification-providing organization but later we evolved to bring more resources to the needy students.


#2.) CourseHero

CourseHero is yet another well-established site and a big competitor for sites like FASPE, CaliforniaTomorrow but CourseHero isn’t free as it is subscription-based but you can find lot more solutions for almost every topic.



The other of our favorites. They have a 110% guarantee! What this means is if you find a higher cashback rate through another cashback program, they’ll give you 110%. Example: If is offering 5% back at, but you look around and Ebates is offering 8%, report that to and they’ll give you 8.8% back! There’s a link along the right side of every store page on and it takes all of 30 seconds to plug the information in the form and send it off. Check the cashback offered by the other sites on this page to find higher rates and claim your 110%. They usually get back to you within a few hours to confirm, but I’ve never had them reject one yet. ShopAtHome does make you earn $20 before they will pay out by mailing a check. When you sign up you get a bonus $5 in your account.


#4.) PDFgiver

PDFgiver is just another website that provides FREE PDFs to download for students. As a student, you can find almost all types of categories to find your PDFs in order to download them anytime you need.


#5.) TopCashback

We have been using this one more than ShopAtHome lately. The reasons for this keep growing. For the most part, they have the highest payouts. Other sites may have special deals, but TopCashback gives you 100% of their cut. They don’t require you to reach a threshold to get your money back! As soon as your money is actually in your account, you can have it! Any amount! They’ll deposit right to PayPal or mail a check. You can also be paid with an Amazon Gift Card – which I am loving! When you choose your rebate in the form of an Amazon Gift Card you get a BONUS 5%! Starting 7/14 the bonus will drop to 2.5% – so cash out before then!! They also fairly regularly have ‘free” offers. You buy an item through their link and they’ll refund it 100% and usually a little extra to cover tax! And now you can get the bonus 5% when you choose an Amazon gift card!! Check the information on the various stores to see how long it will take to get your refund. I’ve had money come back anywhere from a couple of weeks to three months. They do have “faster payment” merchants.


#6.) Ebates

Definitely one of the most popular. They regularly have “double cash back” in different stores. This is a little misleading because a lot of the time it’s more than double. They have a page for stores that offer cash back on gift card purchases. They will payout through PayPal or check at the end of every quarter after you’ve earned $5.01. Your $5 sign-up reward and other bonus rewards don’t count towards the $5.01.


#7.) Mr.Rebates

We don’t believe this one[Mr.Rebates] is hugely popular, but it has some nice perks. Sometimes they definitely have the highest cashback for a store. They also offer rebates to a few stores that other cash-back sites don’t have. You can request a payout through PayPal or by check when your account reaches $10. Instead of a straight referral bonus, you get 20% on all every referral’s cashback. Forever.


#8.) CaliforniaTomorrow is completely free and a better competitor for sites like ours (FASPE), A very good alternative to StudentBeans in order to get student discounts, always brings detailed answer keys giving a tough competition to the sites like Quizlet & CourseHero. They were once helping to create a just and inclusive multiracial, multicultural, and multilingual society by promoting equal access to social, economic, and educational resources and equal participation in major institutions, and by embracing diversity as a great strength. Now even as a non-profit organization, they come out with more services that are even for FREE.


#9.) CouponCactus

I think my favorite thing about this one is that if you remain inactive for a while, they’ll send you a bonus offer where they’ll add an extra $1 to your next rebate. You have to earn $10 before payout. They pay quarterly, but Oct-Dec earnings aren’t paid until Feb 15th. They also tend to have a few stores that other sites don’t offer.


#10.) UNiDAYS

UNiDAYS is a free membership program for secondary school students. UNiDAYS unlocks access to thousands of discounts with global brands so you can start earning while you’re still at school. With UNiDAYS you’ll also get access to amazing experiences that will help you learn more about your interests. You can take part in exclusive competitions run by top brands or enter prize draws so you can win cool stuff!


That’s all… hope you enjoyed reading it


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