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About the Field of Journalism

Journalism is a field of study that is much more practical than theoretical in nature. It’s a more serious job that involves the distribution and production of various reports on past as well as the current issues and events happening around the world.

To become a journalist you have to be much more alert and much more active and serious for your job. You can read about celebrity journalists like Edward R Murrow here.

The reports that you produce should always be supported by facts and figures. You can’t produce whatever you want in any given situation. The journalistic media includes various fields like the Internet, radio, television, print, newsreels, and various other fields of study.


Role of a Journalist 

The common role of a journalist is to learn about an issue. They work with editors and producers and various other people to generate reports and information that are supported by evidence and various documents. The profession depends upon the various interests of the public at large. Journalists should be well versed with the packaging of the stories. This should be done with the help of various headlines, photos, and various other tools of implementation.


Salaries of a Journalist

There is a wide diversity in the salary. In different regions and states, the salaries differ. You can opt for business journalism and various other journalisms depending upon your interests and the field where you want to work into. There is a vast difference in the salary of a good journalist and a fresher anchor and similarly, many more factors make up your salary. In any case, the salary is quite different for different people.


Qualities of a Good Journalist

  • A good journalist thinks critically about the positive and negative aspects of the issues. Hence they are critical thinkers.
  • They are persistent and are motivated in nature.
  • A good journalist is also a good communicator and a good storyteller. They can create drama and tension in their stories very easily without much issue.

A successful journalist is one who puts a lot of hard work into completing the various tasks in their hands. A good journalist is very hardworking and completes every task at hand. If you are also a person of similar interests and has caliber then you can follow similar steps.


Various Steps to Become A Journalist

Following are the best tips provided by famous journalists:


#Get a Bachelors Degree in Journalism

If you want to work in the broadcast and in the print medium then you should have a valid degree in this field. This shows your professional ability and enhances your skills as well. You can pursue a 4-year bachelor’s degree in journalism or A two-year associate degree program.


#Prefer School of Journalism

Qualified journalists from a J School or Journalism school are very valuable to the industry.

The degree is known as the master’s degree or a graduate one in the field of journalism.

These degrees are mostly offered by Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, and the Missouri School of Journalism.

These degrees are beneficial for the people already working in the field & help people to change their careers as well and are a really beneficial choice. If you want to become a journalism teacher then these degrees are a prerequisite for you.


#Complete Various Internships 

Hands-on experience is very necessary if one wants to achieve success in the career. Trial and error are very necessary parts of the profession.

The internship is very necessary and a very big part of journalism as a profession. This makes you confident and very much prepared for what you will be facing in the future.

The internships also provide you a reality check and also helps you to locate the further field of expertise.

Learning journalism can never take place through books or websites. What you need is a good amount of experience in the field.

The type of internship you work into also matters. An intern can also be converted into an employee if he/she works diligently.

The seriousness towards the work matters and hence a good intern in journalism can develop into a good journalist if he/she learns with keen attention.


#Select the Area of Expertise 

So till now, you might have gained a reality check of the field through various internships. It’s now the time to go for specialization.

So we are listing down some specializations so that you can easily choose any:

  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Environmental Journalism
  • Global and International Journalism
  • Online or Multi-Media Journalism
  • Political Journalism
  • Sports Reporting
  • Business and Financial Reporting
  • Feature and Magazine Writing
  • News Reporting
  • Photojournalism
  • Science and Health Reporting

These are the areas where you can gain specialization if you want to achieve heights in your field.

They won’t be provided by every university so you will have to search for a good university to gain such specialization.


#Job search

Getting an entry-level job is very difficult in any field. So there is no predefined path to get a job in journalism.

Your passion and portfolio are the key directors of the field.

If you have a good passion and a sound knowledge of photography you can become a photographer and can work in the news industry, magazine industry, or can start your own ventures as well.

Do try to go to companies and ask for any opportunity similar to your area of interest.

You can even become a blogger, a content writer, a content creator and many other fields are ready to give you a job after you have a journalism degree.

Remember, your passion and knowledge matters.


#Securing Advance Qualification

After gaining successful experience in the job you should try to secure a good qualification or an additional level of qualification.

The technology is revolutionary and changes at a vast speed. So one has to keep changing according to the changing technology.

Hence gaining additional knowledge is a must. For that, you can do a master’s degree or can even pursue any degree depending upon your own knowledge and area of interest.


Various Careers in Journalism

There are various career paths in journalism.

You can become a Social Media Marketing Manager, Director/producer, Digital Strategist, Campaign Manager, Web Producer/Coordinator, Brand Manager.

So you can become anything and everything having a journalism degree in your hand. You can even become an editor, an art director, broadcast news analyst.

These are not widely known fields but a lot of jobs are opening in this direction. You can also become a photographer, videographer, film and video editor and many more influential jobs are waiting for you if you chose this field.

You can become a reporter, a newsreader, and an anchor, and hence you have the option of what you want to become after you select this field.



Social media plays a key role in journalism as nowadays the world is becoming digital.

Social media has the power to transform the world. It is capable of transforming the rumors and the reports & has a vast power undefined.

Social media provides immediate reaction to the posts and hence we can get instant insights into what the audience likes or dislikes.

So there is a great career in journalism and if you are very well versed with social media as well.

The use of traditional journalism is limited right now and the future of digital is very high. Hence in the future online journalism will be much more and will create many jobs.


Mass Communication & Journalism Difference

People often get much confused between the two terms and often use them interchangeably.

Mass communication is the focus on theoretical, historical, and practical aspects of a variety of media including print, electronic, audio, visual, etc.

So mass communication is a part of journalism. Hence many people often use the term interchangeably.

Many colleges provide mass communication degrees which automatically include journalism studies as well.

Hence the term can be broad sometimes and can be narrow sometimes depending on what you understand from the facts and the knowledge.



In this competitive world becoming a journalist is very difficult and hence requires constant work and gaining of knowledge.

A good journalist is very mature and has sound knowledge. As the world is a competitive one so you must have a good educational qualification to become a journalist.

The more important is your experience and the wit you possess to learn further.

It’s a field that demands constant practice and also demands a constant upgrade.

You can never remain still and let things work for you and will have to work constantly without any tiny break.

Hence you should try to become a good and persistent person then you will automatically become a good journalist. A good journalist is a good and dedicated person who can easily acquire his/her dream job without any much issue.

So do try to work diligently in this field and rest assured the success will be yours. We hope this article helped you in reaching the right decision.


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